PPAI has sustainability-centric business service members that can play a crucial role in guiding organizations on the journey to a greener future. Each offers a unique range of expertise and resources to integrate more responsible practices into your operations and are dedicated to being agents of change in sustainability. 

Through their guidance and expertise, sustainability solutions providers enable businesses to gain a competitive advantage in today's environmentally conscious marketplace, smoothing the transition to new generations of consumers and seizing opportunities for growth and innovation.


Aclymate is made especially for small-to-midsized businesses that need an all-in-one climate solution to measure, track, offset, reduce and report their emissions, helping you work towards a net zero future, no special expertise required. You can determine your emissions footprint in under 10 minutes per month, find ways to reduce your impact, and offset what cannot be eliminated.

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The gold standard for more sustainable textiles is blue, this Switzerland-headquartered PPAI member says. The bluesign SYSTEM is designed to eliminate harmful substances right from the start of the manufacturing process and sets control standards for environmentally friendly and safe production. Final textile products meet very stringent consumer safety and sustainability requirements worldwide, giving consumers confidence in purchasing responsible products.


Debrand helps apparel, footwear and accessories brands extend the life of their products  and the precious resources used to make them  as many times and ways as possible. Since 2008, Debrand has been dedicated to keeping textiles out of international landfills. By combining a tech-enabled sortation system with human-powered accuracy, the Canadian firm helps its clients course correct. Debrand has options to get surplus inventory off your hands and onto its next life, then select and implement the most mutually beneficial path for you and the Earth.

Green Business Benchmark

GBB promises sustainability simplified. Take the guesswork out of sustainability management: Quickly identify, prioritize and execute the most impactful initiatives specific to your organization. Benchmark your sustainability performance, prioritize your roadmap and get Green Business Certified, helping you showcase your achievements to your clients and the world.

Whitney & Whitney Consulting Group

Whitney & Whitney Consulting Group provides promo organizations with expert guidance for ESG reporting, CSR audits, product safety standards and import regulatory requirements. The firm offers consulting services for importers and distributors to improve product safety, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and supply chain compliance programs.

Being ahead of the curve in sustainability isn't just about meeting regulatory requirements; it's savvy business. Think of this as future proofing, or simple risk mitigation.

Companies that prioritize sustainability reduce their exposure to environmental risks, enhance their reputation and tap into new market opportunities.The world is changing. Smart leaders in promotional products won't try to navigate this journey alone.