Being rebuffed is common in sales. Even the most experienced sales reps hear no or “check back in three months” more often than they hear a resounding yes. While facing rejection happens in sales, it doesn’t make it easy. That’s why nearly half of salespeople (44%) give up after the first no.

Lance D’Souza, the chief marketing officer at, wants sales professionals to remember that it’s OK to get rejected. It happens sometimes, but it’s not the end. In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we’re sharing D’Souza’s top tips for handling rejection.

Understand it’s not personal. When you get rejected, it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. Look for a lesson in every rejection that can help you improve. Instead of mulling over what didn’t go right, D’Souza recommends seeking feedback. Ask prospects why they said no and use their responses to refine your pitch.

Shake it off. Don’t let negative emotions take over. Instead, D’Souza advises channeling your energy into positive growth. Turn your disappointment into motivation to become a better sales professional.

Talk about it. It can be helpful to share how you’re feeling with a co-worker. D’Souza says talking about rejection isn’t a sign of weakness but a way to learn and receive support. It also creates a healthy environment for others to share their experiences. 

Move on to the next opportunity. So, you got rejected. Remember there are many other big deals just waiting to be made. Keep focused on the people who are truly interested in working with you.

Celebrate your wins. D’Souza says celebrating victories is a way to stay positive. Success comes from not giving up, so take a minute to reflect on your achievements big and small.

Stay professional. This shows your respect for the prospect’s decision and maintains your reputation as a promo pro. When you stay calm and polite in the face of rejection, you leave the door open for future opportunities.

Commit to regular learning. D’Souza says continuous learning helps you adapt to changing circumstances and positions you as an informed expert. Stay updated on promo industry trends and effective sales techniques.

Every sales rep goes through rough patches and can feel discouraged at times. Try to learn from each rejection and keep going. Sometimes a no can become a yes.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Lance D’Souza is the chief marketing officer at, a sales engagement platform.