Are you the go-to person on your team? Do your co-workers and boss know they can count on you? What about your clients – do they genuinely enjoy working with you?

Interpersonal skills matter. It’s not just about the results you get or the skills you bring. It’s about being someone that others like to interact with. Being likable can open doors and pave the way for success.

When you work in sales, it’s especially important to be the kind of person that people like working with. When prospects feel comfortable around you, it’s easier to build rapport and establish authentic connections. Likability breeds loyalty and referrals, which can help you grow your business.

How do you become the type of person that everyone wants to work with? JiJi Lee, a contributor to the Ink+Volt blog, says it doesn’t come down to widening your network or refining a certain skill. Instead, it’s a matter of developing some specific traits. We share her thoughts in this issue of PromoPro Daily.

Emulate who you enjoy working with. We all have people we like working with. Maybe they’re colleagues, clients, bosses or assistants. Try to pinpoint what you admire about them. It could be their enthusiasm or positivity. Then, Lee recommends, look at your own behaviors. How can you shift your attitude to be more like the people you admire?

Listen more than you talk. It’s good to share your ideas and contribute to conversations, but remember that people love working with someone who can listen well. Make sure you actively listen to others, Lee says. It might help to take notes to ensure the information sticks in your mind.

Read the room. Just like listening well, this kind of awareness is an essential skill. Sometimes it means knowing how to navigate interpersonal dynamics. Other times it means knowing how to conduct yourself in a professional setting. The ability to read the room takes practice, Lee says, which is why it’s important to sit in on meetings and watch how your colleagues interact with each other. Observe who knows how to engage others and who seems to dominate the conversation.

Get better at receiving constructive feedback. Instead of getting defensive, be willing to hear what your boss or co-worker says. This shows your professionalism and a willingness to grow and learn. People want to work with someone who can take constructive feedback and learn from it.

Show up for others. Ask your colleagues and clients how they’re doing. Celebrate their professional achievements and stay engaged in their careers. This could be attending a lecture a former co-worker is giving or attending a panel where your boss is speaking. No matter what you do, Lee says it can make the other person’s day. So, go on and be the type of person who champions others.

No matter your role at your promo company, it’s always helpful to be someone who works well with others. This quality can help you achieve promotions within your company and grow your client base. With a little practice, you can build a reputation as a promo pro everyone wants to work with.

 Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: JiJi Lee contributes to the Ink+Volt blog. She’s also a humor writer whose writing has been included in The New Yorker’s yearly roundup of the most popular humor pieces.