Branded merchandise is coming to TikTok in a partnership with commerce platform Teespring. Content creators on the video-sharing app will be able to sell their own branded products through the site.

Sean Kim, head of product at TikTok U.S., told USA Today, “At TikTok, we’re focused on providing the best app experience for our users first and foremost. Creators are the heart and soul of TikTok and we are constantly looking for ways to bring more value and opportunities for them within our platform. We are looking forward to building upon our ongoing commitment to support creators through monetary opportunities and, in the meantime, are excited to see what ideas creators bring to life on Teespring."

Teespring and TikTok are expected to roll out the service soon. More than 7,000 TikTok creators are currently taking part in a pilot of the program. Creators can design merchandise through Teespring and push it directly to their TikTok audience through the social media site. Still to be finalized are who on the platform will be eligible to take part in the program and how best to display products on the app.

TikTok content creators can already monetize their presence on the site through sponsored posts and the company established a $200 million Creator’s Fund to support top producers on the platform. Merchandise is expected to bring monetization opportunities to a wider segment of the app’s content producers.

Observers have noted that the merchandise option may be a factor in Walmart’s and Microsoft’s proposed bids for TikTok’s U.S. operations.