Scoring for PPAI 100 was kept in a simple Excel spreadsheet, and much of the result has been reported out in text form. Both are interesting to absorb, but not necessarily much to look at.

For a simple cheat sheet on the outcome, charts were created showing key information, including 2022 sales and related change since 2019, as well as the categories where particular companies earned high marks among their ranking peers. 

Still, PPAI 100 is a new project with a new approach to ranking companies. The industry deserves as much explanation as possible from PPAI Media and the Association as a whole to help understand how the eight categories come together to create a holistic measurement, as well as what's to come as a result of this undertaking.

To that end, PPAI publisher and editor-in-chief Josh Ellis took the stage in early June at North American Leadership Conference, where the rankings were announced to attendees as a sneak peek, for a conversation with data visualization specialist Scott Berinato. A senior editor at Harvard Business Review, Berinato is the author of Good Charts: The HBR Guide To Making Smarter, More Persuasive Data Visualizations.

The presentation answers many frequently asked questions - including some from the NALC audience - and sheds light on what has become the highest honor PPAI bestows on member companies, and one of the Association's most ambitious projects to date.