Soft Stuff President Lorne Kotzer speaks on toy safey during the supplier's seminar, "Eight Misconceptions In Toy Safety."

Supplier Soft Stuff Creations, Inc. (PPAI 413041) recently hosted a seminar on toy safety at its Surrey, British Columbia, offices. The seminar, “Eight Misconceptions In Toy Safety,” was endorsed by the British Columbia chapter of the Promotional Products Professionals of Canada (PPPC), and hosted by Soft Stuff President Lorne Kotzer.

Designed for suppliers and distributors, the session focused on misunderstandings that surround what makes a toy safe.

“With excellent intentions, governments have enacted legislation to cover most areas of toy safety,” says Kotzer. “Some of it is very clear and straightforward and some of it is often confusing. Toys need to be designed and manufactured using experience, common sense and with the foresight to safeguard against any safety concern that is not covered by current regulation.”