Promotional Products Work (PPW) Expo makes its debut to the full industry on Sept. 29, and registration is officially open. The virtual space will showcase the value and use of promotional products to end buyers invited by their distributor hosts, as well as many of the best products in the marketplace.

What Is The Promotional Products Works Expo?

The Promotional Products Works Expo is an innovative online opportunity for promotional products professionals and their hosted buyers to explore the world of promotional products together. The aim of the free event is to inspire those buyers and help them understand the value, power and creative potential of promotional products.

PPW Expo will include six educational sessions, produced and recorded on-site at PPAI headquarters, exploring industry trends like sustainability, packaging, retail brands and more.

“It is important to us to provide education for buyers that is both relevant and inspiring,” says Lindsey Davis, Promotional Products Work manager. “The goal is to educate and elevate at the same time.”

There will also be three pavilions and the ability for buyers to “like” products with reporting available for viewed and liked products.

Why Distributors Should Participate

The PPW Expo is designed to:

  • Inspire clients about the value, power, and creative potential of promotional products.
  • Explore key trends through educational sessions (while incorporating related products).
  • Provide unique insights to suppliers while protecting buyer data.
  • Maximize the visibility and value of the distributor and the promotional industry as a whole.

A beta version of the newly created event was held in the spring to gather insights and feedback that has been incorporated for the industry-wide launch. Specific updates that should entice distributors include:

  • The platform will have no booths and no supplier personnel present, ensuring buyers connect exclusively to their distributor host rather than speaking directly with suppliers.
  • The three-pavilion platform creates a more product-focused show using categories that are straightforward and relevant for buyers.
  • There will be a demo available, tentatively planned for mid-August, so that distributors can see and get comfortable with the platform before encouraging their salespeople or inviting their buyers.
  • Distributors will see the platform just as it appears to their buyers, resolving any concerns about lack of clarity.
  • Product Pavilion activity reports will be available to both distributors and suppliers that reflect “views” and “likes” of included products. The reports will be blind, showing a buyer reference ID along with the associated distributor name and distributor contact information. It will also include their hosted-buyer information and their buyer’s reference ID, making it easy to connect supplier follow-up with the right buyer. All follow-ups will flow through distributors.

How To Register

Registration for the PPW Expo is officially open. To register and reserve your place, click here.