In recognition of Advertising Week, the annual, multi-faceted event taking place through Friday in New York City, PPAI has released details on this year’s winning Pyramid Award campaign in the Diversity, Social Responsibility Or Multi-Cultural Program category.

PPAI’s prestigious Pyramid Awards recognize excellence in five areas of competition; industry distributors are awarded Pyramids in Client Programs for their creative use of promotional products in a variety of client programs and campaigns. Diversity, Social Responsibility Or Multicultural Programs is one of 11 categories in the Client Programs competition; it is designed to communicate the development, involvement and commitment of an organization or individual to programs that enhance sensitivity, knowledge, understanding and accountability of the impact on people, community and environments.

This year’s winner in the category was I Miller International, a New Jersey-based distributor that worked with its client to promote and celebrate 18 years in business by developing a unique promotional campaign that supported the environment, the Jewish community, and promoted the stability and longevity of the company to both current and previous clients. Read about this award-winning campaign and see more on this year’s Pyramid-winning campaigns here. Watch for more award-winning campaigns to be added to this web page on Thursday.

Learn more about the PPAI Pyramid Award competition here.