PPAI 100 is an exclusive, research-backed ranking of the 50 leading distributors and the 50 leading suppliers in the promotional products industry. Companies are scored based on a variety of metrics.

Terry Town (PPAI 230911, S7) stands tall on the 2023 PPAI 100. Since 1988, Terry Town has made high quality a top priority. Through uphill battles, changes to its business model and an entire product-focus overhaul, Terry Town has become one of the leading suppliers of towels, blankets and home accessories while continually operating as a family business.

In February, Terry Town celebrated its 35th birthday this year. Sy Ereren, Terry Town owner, founder and president, says, “We’ve created a culture that thrives off collaboration, hard work, and having each other’s back,” Ereren says. “Being able to work with such talented colleagues has allowed us to grow to where we are today.”

2022 Revenue: $31.5 Million
Three-Year Trend: +32%
High Marks: Growth, Responsibility

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