The PPAI Expo is the unofficial start to the promo industry’s year. It’s where the latest products and services are rolled out, deals are made and celebrated, and connections are forged and restored. It’s also where, through The PPAI Expo Conference – to be held Monday, January 9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center – practitioners in the field learn about the latest developments, trends and initiatives supporting their industry.

The PPAI Expo Conference brings together several high profile speakers in keynote sessions – such as James Pogue, PhD, and Maureen Zappala – as well as numerous breakout sessions attendees can use to tailor their experience to their needs.

The Conference’s breakouts are grouped in a series of education tracks important to the promo industry, including DEI/CSR and digital transformation. Part of this year’s schedule is a session examining the latest on PPAI’s Promotional Products Work program. An industry outreach effort created by PPAI, PPW celebrates and publicizes the value of promotional products to companies and industries, elevating the field’s role as an advertising medium to end-buyers.

The Association supports PPW through research, education, networking and events, including its popular PPW Expos. The virtual events bring industry distributors and their clients together to see the breadth and possibilities of what promotional products can do.

Breakout Session: Promotional Products Work
Speaker: Lindsey Davis, MAS, PPAI director of business development

In her session, Davis will share some of the tools industry professionals can use in their own business to take advantage of the PPW campaign and increase sales. The breakout’s agenda includes understanding PPW’s role in growing a business and its sales, an update on the resources available to make the most of the program and insights into why PPAI is investing in promoting the industry.

Davis spoke with PPAI Media about her session at the Expo Conference and shared what she wanted her audience to come away with.

“I want them to understand the goals – short term and long term – for the Promotional Products Work campaign and how it can help them grow their business,” Davis says.

The breakout not only brings attendees up to speed on the PPW campaign, but also how they can apply it to their business. Davis says, “There will be a lot in the session that attendees can implement at their business, from using the Promotional Products Work Toolkit in their marketing, to bringing their client to the Promotional Products Work Expo, or leveraging the Promotional Products Work website to elevate our medium.”

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