In July and August, 103 industry professionals invested in their professional development and earned their Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certifications. Several people climbed multiple rungs of the ladder over the last two months, earning both certifications. They join an elite group of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the promotional products industry and to continuing their education. In response to disruptions brought to the industry by COVID-19, PPAI assisted many industry professionals on their professional development journeys in April-June by waving the Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) certificate and CAS and MAS certification application fees for Association members and reduced pricing for Associates by 50 percent.

These professionals have met rigorous educational requirements and demonstrate an exemplary commitment to their field. Industry practitioners who have earned their certification provide the highest standard of conduct and integrity. Highly respected and recognized credentials in the promotional products industry, these designations establish a recipient’s professional credibility to colleagues, clients, employers and peers.

Dave Ancharski, MAS, Apex Advertising
Vanessa Antoniuk, MAS, Creative Promotional Marketing Agency
Joanne Balady, MAS, Balady Promotions
Josette Bosse, MAS, Bay State Specialty
Joey Bowker, MAS, Strategic Factory
Denise Bromberger, MAS, Image Marketing Specialists
Pete Burns, MAS, Gold Bond
Keidy Cabreja, MAS, Promo PSI
Lori Donovan, MAS, alphabroder
Stacy Evans, MAS, Pro Towels
Carson Ferrell, MAS, Taylor Communications
Jennifer Finley, MAS, Juniper Promotional Marketing
Kimberly Fulford, MAS, Proforma
Vanessa Galvan, MAS, Pro Towels
Michael Griffin, MAS, Accolades
Jennifer Haupt, MAS, Geiger
Dar Lane, MAS, Footprint Promotional Agency
Miriam Lefkowitz, MAS, M&H Promotions
Heidi Marks, MAS, AIA Corporation
Lindsey Midstokke, MAS, BDA
Emily Mittelkamp, MAS, American Solutions for Business
Terri Molnar, MAS, Avalon Image Group
Rochelle Moneta, MAS, LeRoe Promotional Marketing
Misty Mushynsky, MAS, Creative Promotional Marketing Agency
Bonnie Nichols, MAS, Logarrow Marketing
Athol Ofsowitz, MAS, Monkey Joe Speak
Teresa Oliver, MAS, Logarrow
Kim Olson, MAS, Brand Fuel
Julie Painting, MAS, Strategies Ltd
Alex Parkes, MAS, Trimark
Marissa Perez, MAS, M.R. Promotional Concepts
Kathy Reccardi, MAS, Bradley Marketing Group
Ronald Seguin, MAS, Geiger
Brent Smith, MAS, Roth Event-full Design
Marianne Stein, MAS, Business Branders
Tracy Swan, MAS, Footprint Promotions
Kathy Timms, MAS, Geiger
Kelly Tran, MAS, Creative Promotional Marketing Agency
Shawna Tromczynski, MAS, Avalon Image
Meredith Wallace, MAS, Grapevine Designs
Jessica Zanke, MAS, 3M Promotional
Colette Behrens, CAS, Ad Specialties and Promotion
Bruce Bennett, CAS, Indoff, Inc.
Johanna Black, CAS, Ball and Black
Lisa Blair, CAS, Norscot Group
Traci Borella, CAS, Momentum
Josette Bosse, CAS, Bay State Specialty
Joey Bowker, CAS, Strategic Factory
Salina Brill, CAS, iPROMOTEu
Eliza Budiarto, CAS, Gamaprint
Virginia Calvetti, CAS, CE Competitive Edge
Steve Chatoff, CAS, Trimark
Jennifer Comfort, CAS, Meeting Management Associates
Roy Connors, CAS, Smithbucklin
Catherine Cronkrite, CAS, CE Competitive Edge
Jody Crowder, CAS, Gold Bond
Denise Davis, CAS, 3M Promotional Markets
Fabiola Dimos, CAS, Unigear Promotions
Chris Erickson, CAS, Apollo Group
Sally Farrington, CAS, HALO Braded Solutions
Jeff Fleck, CAS, Xperience Promotions
Sharon Griffith, CAS, Soft Stuff Creations
Debbie Hazlewood, CAS, C & S Sales
Liz Hill, CAS, TK Promotions
Cheryl Hokanson, CAS, iPROMOTEu
Falisha Hopkins, CAS, Innovative Specialty Gifts
Sydelle Ibarra, CAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Thomas Jordan, CAS, Creative Specialty Promotions
Linda Kendall, CAS, The Prestigious Mark
Jessica Klimko, CAS, Creative Promotional Marketing Agency
Melissa Lewis, CAS, Merge Creative
Hannah Martino, CAS, Allstates Business Solutions
Melissa Mason, CAS, Pro Towels
Sandy Maynard, CAS, BDA
Darrell McChesney, CAS, Team Iowa
Kyle Mendoza, CAS, Leed's
Pamela Millburg, CAS, HALO
Gabriella Morfesis, CAS, JAE Assoc
Elizabeth Morrison, CAS, Gill Studios
Marley Niesz, CAS, Corporate Communications
Matt O'Dell, CAS, The Sourcing Dept
Teresa Oliver, CAS, Logarrow Marketing Services
Julie Painting, CAS, Strategies Ltd
Pat Patton, CAS, The Vernon Company
Renee Perdicaro, CAS, Goodway Group of MA
Kaitlin Pickard, CAS, CE Competitive Edge
Jenniger Reece, CAS, Pro Towels
Anabelle Santos, CAS, BDA
Miranda Schulstad, CAS, Promotional Partners
Linda Seder, CAS, Innovative Promotional Concepts
Sarah Shifflett, CAS, Boxercraft
Kim Smith, CAS, Quick Point, Inc.
Brooke Standefer, CAS, Gold Bond
Jenny Straub, CAS, Outdoor Cap
Heather Strecheniuk, CAS, BDA
Christine Strobl, CAS, Quick Point
Chandra Tackney, CAS, Brown & Bigelow
Joelle Tedford, CAS, Lion Circle
Kayla Thiessen, CAS, Botanical PaperWorks
Bryanne Trice, CAS, Gold Bond
Joanne Weikel, CAS, International Printing
Amy Williams, CAS, AB Unlimited
Bill Wright, CAS, Boost Branding by HALO

New designees are formally recognized with an array of custom promotional items generously donated by PPAI certification sponsor companies Gempire, Castelli North America, Inc. and RiteLine.

PPAI’s CAS, MAS and MAS+ designations are achieved through a combination of active employment in the industry, education, industry contributions and the successful demonstration of expertise. The CAS and MAS certifications require continuing education and recertification to remain in good standing.

Learn more about the PPAI Certification Program and PPAI’s professional development opportunities on PPAI’s website.