Suppliers alphabroder (PPAI 477593) and Prime Line (PPAI 112744) celebrated National Employee Appreciation Day on March 2 at its 17 locations. The company encouraged department managers and supervisors to honor its approximately 2,360 employees in different ways, including personalized notes, vacation day raffles, free lunches, candy bars and group photographs. alphabroder also gave each employee a branded lunch tote, and staff wore t-shirts imprinted with an alphabroder-Prime Line “Woven Together” logo.

“This was a collaborative effort between the HR and communications teams of alphabroder and Prime Line to communicate a unified message of appreciation to all of our employees,” says Norm Hullinger, CEO of alphabroder.

Jeff Lederer, president of Prime Line, alphabroder’s hard goods division, adds, “We constantly look for opportunities to spotlight and show appreciation for our amazing employees.”

Trevose, Pennsylvania-based alphabroder acquired Bridgeport, Connecticut-based Prime Line in December 2017.