It’s great to focus on prospecting, cold calling and meeting with clients. But it’s also important to bring some gratitude to the table. Showing your prospects and clients that you’re thankful for the opportunity to meet with them or work them can not only set you apart from other sales professionals, but it can help you build meaningful relationships.

And, like Brendan Kamm, co-founder and CEO of Thnks, says, impressive sales don’t happen without impressive relationship skills. He says that by leveraging the science of appreciation, sales professionals can make themselves more memorable and valued. We share three ideas from Kamm on how to show more gratitude in sales in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

Do something extra special for those who refer leads. Many sales professionals rely on referrals as a source of the best leads. However, not all of them take time to show their gratitude to those who refer them. Kamm says that the next time you receive a referral of any kind — even just a quick LinkedIn introduction — jot down the referral source’s name and details along with the timing so that you can keep track. Then, send a handwritten card or a small gesture like a cup of coffee to start their day. These actions are more impactful then sending a quick thank-you email.

Drop in with random delights. Another way to show more gratitude is to periodically pop up to surprise your contacts. Kamm says your touchpoints should be both well-timed and creative in nature. An example could be sending a bottle of wine or snack pack mailed to the contact’s home. These kinds of small surprises can move the needle when it comes to building lasting and fruitful relationships. And while it may feel like a big investment of time or money upfront — especially when you do this with dozens or hundreds of contacts — Kamm says these gestures will pay off tenfold or a hundredfold. Start with a few high-value contacts and record your outcomes over time. This can help you determine if the system is successful for you.

Automate the tedious parts of your role. Think of the necessary tasks that keep things moving — filing, organizing, building target lists— but don’t involve working directly with other people. Now, consider how you could automate or outsource these tasks. Kamm says an example could be using a scheduling tool to automatically scan your calendar for openings and fill them, limiting or eliminating the need for going back and forth via email to confirm meetings.

When you show more gratitude in how you interact with prospects and clients, you deepen those relationships and enhance people’s experience working with you. Bring more thankfulness to the sales process — you’ll be glad you did.

Promotional Consultant Today is pausing for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll be back in your inbox on Monday, November 28 with a fresh, new look. Thank you for being part of our community!

Source: Brendan Kamm is co-founder and CEO of Thnks, a digital gratitude platform that empowers business professionals to build better relationships by sharing personalized gestures of appreciation in a thoughtful, efficient way.