If you have been waiting for things to get back to how they were pre-pandemic, you’ll likely be waiting a long time. Virtual selling has become the norm. Instead of face-to-face meetings with clients, sales professionals have adapted and transitioned to technology such as Zoom and Webex. Companies have realized that their employees are just as productive working remotely, which means many of your clients and prospects may not even work in the office anymore.

Whether you fully embrace virtual selling or you remain hopeful for a swift return back to the office, Jason Eatmon, chief sales officer at Sales Gravy, says it’s helpful to recognize some important truths about virtual selling. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share Eatmon’s five truths to know about selling remotely.

1. Virtual selling is here to stay. If you have been hesitant to switch gears into virtual selling, now is the time to move forward. You don’t need to go all in with virtual selling, though. Eatmon says blending virtual with traditional selling will serve you best in the months ahead.

2. Everyone who wants to survive will embrace virtual selling. The business world looks different for everyone—including your clients, prospects and competitors. Anyone who wants to keep their business afloat and survive will turn to virtual selling.

3. Virtual selling has many upsides. While you may miss the face-to-face interaction you once enjoyed with your clients, selling virtually offers plenty of advantages. For one, you can do a lot more in the same amount of time. Without the need to commute to the office or to sales meetings, you can get more out of your day. However, so can your competition. Keep this in mind when you look for ways to differentiate.

4. The window to differentiate is closing. As everyone is figuring out how to navigate virtual sales, you have an opportunity to differentiate yourself. However, the window to stay ahead of the pack is closing, says Eatmon. When prospects are deciding which sales professional to work with, you must ensure your messaging, video, background, and overall efforts rise above the noise. Now is the time to figure out how to get ahead and stay ahead.

5. Your competition is everyone. As more and more companies blend virtual selling with their current sales processes, you have more competition than ever. To ensure you capture your prospects’ attention, Eatmon says it is critical that you master virtual selling and learn how to differentiate through meaningful, relevant messaging with an unprecedented quality.

As companies continue to adapt to the new business environment, sales are increasingly happening virtually. It takes planning, strategy, investment and practice for your sales team to stand out in this new era of sales. When you learn to blend virtual selling into your current practices, you help build a strong foundation for a future that looks largely virtual.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Jason Eatmon is chief sales officer at Sales Gravy. He has trained thousands of professionals, facilitated hundreds of clinics, and frequently served as a featured speaker at various tradeshows.