Some sales tactics are relics of the past. Take the hard sell, for example. Salespeople used this high-pressure approach to push their offerings onto prospects without considering their needs or preferences. While they may have closed deals quickly, they didn’t build any genuine relationships with their clients. In today’s world, this approach alienates clients rather than persuades them.

Jay Fuchs, the managing editor of the HubSpot Sales Blog, says that if you want to work as effectively as possible, you should keep up with the latest sales trends and tactics. This also means leaving behind the sales habits that no longer work.

He caught up with some sales leaders to find out the outdated sales techniques you should ditch. We share his findings in this issue of PromoPro Daily.

  1. Using fake urgency. People see right through countdown timers and artificial deadlines. If you use these sales tactics, Fuchs says you can see desperate rather than appealing. Plus, you’re also undermining trust with potential clients. They might start to wonder what else about your offer isn’t fully true. You can share time-limited offers, but don’t use the fake urgency tactics. Instead, Fuchs recommends building relationships and showing why your offering is worth their consideration now.

  2. Ending meetings without next steps. Your prospect should know exactly what comes next, whether it’s a follow-up call or a meeting with other stakeholders. Instead of just vaguely saying, “I’ll call you next week,” Fuchs recommends scheduling a follow-up meeting right away. Send out the calendar invitation to ensure the time is blocked off for you.

  3. Laying on the pressure. According to the sales pros Fuchs interviewed, many businesses still use high-pressure closes. This aggressive approach not only turns people off but makes them not want to associate with your business. Try to instead offer prospects something helpful or valuable without asking for anything in return.

  4. Relying too much on case studies. It’s always helpful to see how other companies use promo. However, you should avoid highlighting case studies too early in the conversation. Otherwise, you might appear like you don’t know enough about the prospect’s business to clarify how your solution can help. Use case studies, but only after you have explained the value of your solution.

  5. Being impersonal. No one responds well to hard and impersonal selling. This outdated sales tactic is off-putting and can frustrate prospects. Make the most of your time with prospects by showing that you’ve done your research. Take a consultative approach and use insights to guide your conversation.

Is anyone on your team using old-school sales techniques? Consider replacing them with modern tactics. When you do so, you can increase your chances of winning clients instead of driving them away.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Jay Fuchs is the managing editor of the HubSpot Sales Blog.