Many sales professionals use AI in some capacity, from identifying leads to drafting messages to prospects. Among those who use AI, 79% say it gives them more time to sell. Sales reps can invest their energy in building relationships while AI can help with tasks like data entry and analyzing trends.

A post on the Sandler blog says AI has totally transformed the profession of selling. Just like a geological earthquake, the impacts of AI play out in different areas simultaneously – and with varying effects. But, the post says, unlike a real earthquake, there’s no stopping point with AI. That’s why it’s critical to learn to move and shift with AI.

In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we share a post from the Sandler blog that outlines three key takeaways for succeeding in sales in an AI world.

  1. Adapt or become irrelevant. AI can move leads through a pipeline and take orders. It can’t provide a human-to-human connection, though. The Sandler post says that salespeople must commit to developing and deepening their communication skills while expanding their fluency of new tools and platforms. Don’t put off learning new AI tools. Be adaptive and look for ways to nurture and sustain mutually beneficial business relationships.

  2. Embrace the “dating strategy.” According to the post, the traditional cold calling strategy of turning a stranger into a potential lead in a single conversation isn’t working. How often do you answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize? When did you last reply to a generic email? Your prospects probably respond in similar ways. That’s why the Sandler post recommends taking a “dating strategy.” Don’t just talk to as many strangers as possible but work on having quality interactions and authentically building trust with people you get to know better over time.

  3. Work the triad. Your prospects have access to all the same AI tools as you. They don’t need an aggressive salesperson to find out what they need. What they do need, though, is a relationship with a trusted human being. That’s why the Sandler post recommends working the triad of LinkedIn, email and text. In each of those arenas, there’s an opportunity to move from a “first date” to a “second date” to a “third date” and beyond.

AI is here to stay – there’s no going back to “normal.” When you learn to leverage AI, you can better serve your clients, prospects and promo company.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: The Sandler blog. Sandler is one of the world’s leading sales training and professional development organizations.