Two new fantasy shows are going at it on TV. HBO’s House of the Dragon and Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premiered only 12 days apart from each other. To keep fans tuning in and talking about their favorites, showrunners and marketing pros from the services are using promo to bring TV magic to life.

Patton Oswalt, comedian and the voice of Baby Gollum in The Rings of Power recently shared a promo package he received. On Twitter, he wrote, “One of the weirder promo packages I’ve ever received but okay. Do these figure in the story?”

Even without a chocolate cameo in the show, Nestlé partnered with Amazon Prime to promote the new original series. In a worldwide campaign, melting chocolate flows through the rocky mountain landscape of Lord of the Rings until a KitKat is forged.

Mixing chocolate with Tolkien was such a surprising duo Oswalt had to share. The promo package also included Oswalt’s name, adding a personal touch.

The Rings of Power broke viewership records at Amazon Studios, with more than 25 million people watching on the first day. It’s also the most expensive TV series ever made, costing more than $700 million to make the first season.

House of the Dragon had the largest premiere audience for any HBO original series to-date. Nearly 10 million U.S. viewers watched the premiere of the first episode. To connect with fans, HBO sent out promo boxes.

@velvetshrine I’m such a fan girl 🥹 I’ve run a GoT Twitter account since 2013 lmao but really I wanted to cry, this house of the dragon box is so beautiful #houseofthedragonpartner #hotd @Game of Thrones ♬ original sound - shrine

One die-hard fan shared the promo package they received as a #houseofthedragonpartner. The fan received a detailed wooden box complete with her last name engraved inside as her own house sigil. In the caption, she says, “I’m such a fan girl. I’ve ran a [Game of Thrones] twitter account since 2013, but really I wanted to cry. This house of the dragon box is so beautiful.”

HBO Max and Amazon Studios are using promo to keep fans connected to these fantasy worlds. When the TV goes off, promo keeps the magic alive.