pws_tn-building-003Brea, California-based supplier PWS (PPAI 198020) is opening a new 60,000-square foot production and shipping facility in Portland, Tennessee, on January 1, 2017 to better serve East Coast and Midwest customers. According to the company, both new and existing customers will benefit from faster shipping times and lower freight costs on orders that can now ship from the new Tennessee facility.

Lyndsey Tidwell, CEO of PWS, predicts double-digit growth and assures that the same level of quality and service will continue from their new facility. “Our print production team is second to none and we now have the opportunity to show our superior quality to a wider audience,” says Tidwell.

Chris Castro, PWS’ Tennessee general manager, says that the location will “help with speed and freight costs to the East Coast and Midwest customers.”

The company is also expanding customer service business hours starting at 8 am EST, providing two to three business day shipping timelines and increasing inventory.