The idea that “less is more” has never been more relevant. Before quiet quitting and The Great Resignation, the soft life trend called for eliminating stress and making peace-based decisions. This online movement began with Black women denouncing the hustle culture on social media, and now the tag #softlife on TikTok has over 543.6 million views and counting.

Whether it’s quitting a dead-end job or wearing pajamas most of the week, soft living says do what brings you peace. The Urban Dictionary describes it as “making decisions that leave you feeling stress free and vibrating higher. Less about wealth (though it helps) and more about making good choices.”

This lifestyle is reflected in 2023 apparel trends. Consumers are setting boundaries, choosing high-end brands and eco-friendly products, and gravitating toward the softest materials.


Go above and beyond with this Sweaterfleece Jacket. With the softness and performance of fleece and the look of heathered wool, this ultra-versatile and stylish go-to piece is above the rest. Made with 32 recycled water bottles, it’s perfect for a day out or a cozy night in.

Storm Creek / PPAI 438091, S6

This unisex eco heavyweight t-shirt can make a difference. The organic cotton blend provides a soft feel and sturdy texture for easy printing. There’s need to sacrifice comfort for sustainability. Each eco tee recycles 4 plastic water bottles.

Next Level Apparel / PPAI 272027, S3

Brand Names

This Brooks Brothers quilted vest is a standout gift. With a supple diamond-quilted shell designed to resist water and provide warmth when you need it, this vest delivers unbeatable performance and unmistakable style.

SanMar / PPAI 110788, S16

Soft Materials

The Malibu Heathered Robe and Eye Mask are available in blush/white, oyster/bone and silverfox/pewter, so you’re sure to find a colorway that suits your client. Recipients can wrap up in the Heathered Robe and slip on the complimentary matching eye mask and let the cares of the world slip away.

Kashwere / PPAI 642505, S6