In business, faith is everything. Customers and vendors both have to have faith in a company that they will follow through, meet agreements and pay the bills.

Faith also plays a significant part in a company’s PPAI 100 ranking, and no distributor engendered such trust as Eagle Promotions (PPAI 279851, D10).

The Stand-Out

Las Vegas-based Eagle Promotions scored the No. 43 spot on the inaugural PPAI 100 distributors list. The company has been successful, turning in solid revenue ($43.8 million in 2022) and growth numbers (up 20% since 2019). Also a factor: its extremely high marks in the ranking’s industry faith category, which for distributors is based on the company’s credit score.

Eagle Promotions’ business credit score was the beest of any distributor on the list.

Faith is an important part of PPAI 100 because industry leaders agree that both suppliers and distributors must trust in a business partner’s ability to meet their obligations. For distributors, that means paying the bills on time. For suppliers, PPAI 100 uses SAGE Ratings.

To determine the industry’s faith in each distributor, PPAI pulled the firms’ credit ratings via Experian.

  • Eagle Promotions’ Experian Intelliscore was 92.0 – making the company lower risk than 99% of all businesses.

How They Got There

Eagle Promotions’ good management and business principles have served it well. In recent years, it was named National Retail Vendor of the Year by dining and hospitality firm Landry’s and was recognized by the Las Vegas Business Press in the first State of Nevada Innovation Awards for its efforts in manufacturing, conservation and sustainability, among other honors. It owes its leading industry faith ranking to these same exemplary business practices.

“I was raised on certain old school values and ethics, and I have carried this into my business practices,” says Sean Ono, Eagle Promotions’ CEO and, along with Mario Stadtlander, its’ co-founder. “When I enter into credit terms with my vendors, it signifies a commitment to pay them within the agreed-upon timeframe. I hold my clients to the same standard, expecting them to honor our payment agreement.

Even if my clients don't always meet these expectations, it does not alter the agreement I have with my vendors. This mindset forms the core culture of Eagle.”

It’s also a mindset that can pay dividends for a business. Ono outlines the advantages its strong credit rating affords the company. He says, “In return we do get favorable terms, pricing and it helps build our relationships with our vendors. We have been told we have an A+ rating and this affords us special treatment when needed.

“I would hope more in our industry would take the same approach.”