Products speak to us. This year, products at The PPAI Expo 2023 told attendees to be surprised. PPAI’s media team took the advice. The products that raised eyebrows and dropped jaws were favorites. Here are our top picks from this year’s PPAI Expo.

The PPAI Media and Membership Team smile in front of a statue in Caesar's Palace in Vegas during The PPAI Expo 2023.

Josh Ellis, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

I love any product that takes me by surprise, so the No. 1 stunner for me was the Rover by C3 Coolers, basically a combination remote-controlled car and a cooler. I turned a corner down the 4400 aisle and saw what looked like a Las Vegas Raiders-logoed Humvee rolling around on the carpet and thought it was neat enough. Then I saw someone open up the cooler top, and my mind was blown. That thing will steal the show at any tailgate. (Except for a tailgate for our beloved Cowboys, because they lost. Sell the team, Jerry.)

Seljan Company/C3 Coolers / PPAI 745591, S2


James Khattak, Senior Digital Editor

My favorite product of The PPAI Expo 2023 was the deluxe cheese sampler from Maple Ridge Farms. Their extremely popular booth on the show floor featured many, many samples of the variety of treats they offer, but most impressive was the supplier’s staff member shaving off slices from giant wheel of cheese and speaking knowledgeably of their product. I may not have gotten to actually try any of their goods – like I said, it was popular – but I respect the hustle behind lugging a 40-pound wheel of cheese to Las Vegas. It made an impression on me and attendees.

Maple Ridge Farms / PPAI 114165, S8


Jonny Auping, News Editor

The softest thing I touched at The PPAI Expo 2023 was also one of the most responsibly sourced. The Fair Hoodie by The Good Tee was the type of sweatshirt I’m always looking for at the mall and striking out. The Good Tee’s founder, Adila Cokar, is the author of the book Source My Garment, an insider’s guide to responsible offshore manufacturing. The factory that produced The Fair Hoodie is run by Franciscan nuns and supports an old age home as well as a child’s orphanage. The Good Tee website has a factory walkthrough for full transparency of the product you purchase. I walked away inspired.

The Good Tee / PPAI 807609, S1


Robert Fitzpatrick, Research Manager

I was walking through the Expo aisles when I smelled something delicious. I immediately looked around and saw a long line of eager people. So, I had to, of course, see what the hype was. As I got closer, I heard a loud voice announcing flavors and hands grabbing at a desk. I approached the front of the line and was offered a Dirty Cookie, which is the name of the product. The cookie was edible and featured a brand’s logo. The logo was an edible sugar paper. Not only do I think the idea is creative, but the cookie was tasty.

Dirty Cookie / PPAI 814973, S00


Kristina Valdez, Associate Editor

Something I wanted immediately, as soon as I saw it on the shelf, was an Asobu Dog Bowl Bottle from Ad-N-Art. I mean, get out of town! It’s a trendy, odd-shaped bottle that is surprisingly lightweight. Here’s the kicker: It has a detachable silicone bowl that spins off the base of the bottle for pets to hydrate. Since lockdown, I’ve been taking more walks, and my fluffy, white dog, Lexi, is usually pulling me along. I’d love to share water with her, but she needs a real bowl to drink from. It’s convenient and easy to carry. I could see myself using this all the time.

Ad-N-Art / PPAI 236926, S4