The Regional Association Council (RAC) has elected its 2016 executive officers and new board members. The new leadership lineup includes Ryan Small, CAS, president; Janet McMaster, MAS, vice president; Nick D’Eramo, secretary; D’Anna Zimmer, CAS, treasurer; Scott Hareid, RAC delegate to the PPAI Board of Directors; and Rebecca McLaughlin, CAS, immediate past president. The new officers will begin their one-year terms following The PPAI Expo 2016 in Las Vegas.

RAC also welcomes three newly elected board members for 2016. They are: Nick D’Eramo, representing District 1; D’Anna Zimmer, CAS, representing District 4; and Bob Levitt, MAS, representing District 5. Larry Arntz, representing District 1; Jeff Shaw, representing District 3; Tiffany Tarr, CAS, representing District 4, and Jon Henrickson, CAS, representing District 5, will continue their service to the RAC Board for 2016.

Tom Carpenter, MAS, and Kim Newell will be retiring from the RAC Board at The PPAI Expo.