Sleep has gotten serious. What do you need to sleep through the night? A sleep machine? Calming music? Blackout curtains? The real secret to snoozing – products.

Even before the pandemic, sleep was a struggle. According to a 2018 Consumer Reports survey, 80% of Americans reported trouble sleeping at least once a week. Now, a recent survey says most people (59%) are tired all the time despite 91% agreeing that sleep is crucial to a healthy routine.

For the holiday season, health and wellness is gifting inspiration. Most Americans (78%) are likely to buy a healthy gift for a loved one, one survey says.

Sleep support products are more popular now than ever. The global sleeping aid market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7%, from $64 billion in 2022 to $118 billion by 2030. Demand is driven by the availability of a variety of sleeping aids along with increasing health problems like sleep apnea and insomnia. According to The Sleep Foundation, nearly 35% of adults suffer from insomnia.

Consumers are prioritizing sleep as key to self-care. Nicki Staats, director of merchandising at Massachusetts-based distributor iPROMOTEu, says all clients should be thinking about sleep-related products. She says, “Currently, ‘mindful living’ is one of the top global trends. The root of this trend is cognitively choosing to live more mindfully in every aspect of your life from health, spirit, fitness and sleep.”

Snooze-friendly products are on everyone’s wish list. “Traditional products would include sleep masks, ear plugs, pajamas or blankets,” Staats says. “Those who are thinking at a deeper level could elevate their recommendations to journals, for example. Journals are a great tool that encourage individuals to write down their thoughts from the day, so they don’t carry them to sleep. Other items to consider would be socks, essential oils, heating pad, humidifier, aromatherapy candles or books.”

If the budget allowed, she says her product recommendation would be a weighted blanket. “I’m a bit of a blanket junkie. For those with a medium budget, I would say go for the pajamas; they not only show that sleep is important to the company giving them away, but they support those working from home with a casual wardrobe from the waist down. For those on a low budget, I would recommend the traditional sleep mask or less traditional socks.”

Sleep promo is care. Staats says, “Employers should incorporate sleep products into their employee gifts or recognition to show that they care about their personal well-being. They can use the opportunity to express how important it is that their employees feel a sense of comfort and security both at home and at work. This will also give employers a chance to express that they understand how good sleep is vital to better performance at work.

“Businesses that integrate sleep products would, instead of building company morale, build brand morale. When a brand builds morale, they are strengthening their relationship with that customer, growing satisfaction and increasing opportunity for return purchases or use of services.”

Comfort products have the greatest impact on sleep. According to The Sleep Foundation, nine out of 10 people say products like pillows and sheets are the most important ingredients to a good night’s sleep. The secret’s out – promo is the sleep solution.

Here are a few bedtime must-haves.

This 10-pound micro mink weighted blanket is perfect to curl up and feel your stress slip away. It’s ultra-soft and proven to improve sleep.

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Say hello to self-care with products made for pampering. This self-care kit comes with a neck wrap, a weighted eye mask and a note. It’s all packaged in a matching Ripstop Goodie Four Shoes bag.

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The Zenergy Aroma Dream is a soothing ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with soothing sound therapy tracks designed to help users fall asleep. Enjoy the calming effects of aromatherapy for up to 54 hours before having to add more water. It features 12 soothing, naturally-recorded environmental and white noise sound therapy tracks.

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Unplug: A Day and Night Reflection Journal is a conscious tool to help recipients track and record screen time and non-screen time, giving space to plan and reflect on habits and activities that don’t include technology. Designed as a 90-day support system for a digital detox plan, each daily spread includes a morning practice for beginning the day with intention and an evening practice for reflecting on challenges and achievements.

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These super-soft coral fleece socks made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. They are comfortable, warm and soothing to skin. These are perfect for lounging around home, reading, watching TV or traveling. The socks come with a clear zippered pouch for storage.

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