ProTowel-Blanket-Donation Employees with ProTowels and Kanata Blanket USA join Wright Middle School students in loading blankets and other supplies in a trailer for shipment to flood-ravaged school in Columbia.

Pro Towels (UPIC: PROTOWEL) and Kanata Blanket USA (UPIC: BLANKET) have donated more than 1,500 of its blankets to help victims of the recent flooding disaster in South Carolina. Pro Towels, which operates its primary manufacturing facility in Abbeville, South Carolina, teamed up with local Wright Middle School to move quickly after disaster struck. The middle school adopted a flood-ravaged school in the capital city of Columbia, a city particularly hard-hit by the flood. Approximately 50 families from the adopted school in Columbia lost everythings, with more than 800 children from the school affected in some way by the flood.

The blankets were loaded onto a 53-foot tractor-trailer in a joint effort between Wright students and Pro Towels employees. In addition to blankets, the tractor-trailer was filled with school supplies, socks, shoes, clothes, bottled water and other supplies. Jeremy Scott, Pro Towels vice president of operations, coordinated the loading of supplies. He says, “Our hearts go out to all of the victims of this terrible tragedy. We hope that the blankets and other supplies will bring warmth and comfort to those who have lost so much.”