Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF), the industry’s nonprofit dedicated to recognizing and encouraging scholastic excellence and academic performance among promotional products industry employees and their college-aged children, has launched a new logo and brand identity. The new look follows PPEF’s announcement earlier this year that it is awarding a record-breaking $276,750 in scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year. This brings the total amount awarded since PPEF’s founding in 1989 to more than $2.4 million.

"PPEF's old logo was in use when I started with the organization 15 years ago,” says Sara Besly, PPEF executive director. “Over the years, PPEF has grown from awarding $32,000 to 29 students in 2005 to $276,750 to 160 students in 2020. The PPEF Board of Trustees wanted a fresh, new look that symbolized that growth. With so many families having deep roots in the promotional products industry, the tree is the perfect symbol to convey how PPEF is helping the industry grow through education."

According to Besly, PPEF sees the tree as representing different aspects of its mission to provide college scholarships to promotional products industry employees and their children to support their educational goals. The leaves represent students who are eager to soak in new ideas and are seeking to strengthen the industry through education. The tree trunk embodies the importance of constant growth that keeps the industry reaching new heights. The roots symbolize the strong support system of donors PPEF has built over the years. Find out more by watching this short video.

Funded by PPAI and generous donations from companies and individuals within the promotional products industry, the PPEF scholarship program enables youth and professionals to continue their education at the collegiate level. The Association and industry patrons have a long-standing commitment of service to the promotional products industry, and this fund supports those who demonstrate the same commitment. Details on PPEF and how to help support it and its scholarship program are available here.