Nearly 50 industry professionals earned their Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certifications between January and March 2024.

Professional Development

PPAI professional development designations, such as the CAS, MAS and MAS+ certifications, are the most recognized credentials in the promotional products industry. These benchmarks are achieved through a combination of active employment in the industry, education, industry contributions and the successful demonstration of expertise. The CAS and MAS certifications require continuing education and recertification to remain in good standing.

  • Under PPAI’s revamped education system, the Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) is a program – not a certification.
  • Unlike the CAS, MAS and MAS+ designations, the TAS isn’t intended to serve as a credential at the end of someone’s name.

CAS and MAS certification holders have joined an elite group of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the industry and to continuing their education in it. Earning these professional credentials not only validates your industry knowledge across the marketplace, but also improves career opportunities and advancement. These benchmarks signify to colleagues, clients and peers that you’re dedicated to a higher standard in the industry.

The Recipients

Congratulations to these recipients of the CAS and MAS certification:

Alyssa Adriansen, CAS, Magellan Promotions
Janet Baglien, CAS, G & G Graphics and Promotions
Kristin Bennington, CAS, PromoShop
L. Burton, CAS, Capital City Specialties
Tracy Capello, CAS, North Central Promotions
Trina Kohr-Carr, CAS, Gemline
Tracey Clay, CAS, SAGE
Matthew Croft, CAS, American Solutions For Business
Joseph Favre, CAS, Vanguard Direct
Kym Frese, CAS, Raining Rose Promotions
Julia Galvin, CAS, Geiger
Dan Grabon, CAS, Roaring Moose
Chris Jelinek, CAS, University Tees
Francine Jordan, CAS, CE Competitive Edge
Stephanie Kennebeck, CAS, Geiger
Leslie Kuka, CAS, Geiger
Candice Maples, CAS, Geiger
Beth Martin, CAS, Geiger
Kari McElroy, CAS, Geiger
Lily Milani, CAS, PromoShop
Joseph Ortega, CAS, Brand IQ
John Paine, CAS, Geiger
Kyla Painter, CAS, 1338Tryon
Jennifer Pregge, CAS, Geiger
Chad Rizzo, CAS, Showdown Displays
Caroline Scercy, CAS, TK Promotions
Nikki Sgro, CAS, Marketing Kitchen
Jen Beldam, MAS, Northern Craft Supply
Stephanie Blood, MAS, Outdoor Cap
Nadia Conelio, MAS, Brand Fuel
Jaymie Cook, MAS, Goldstar
Keith Danforth, MAS, Geiger
Haley Dangel, MAS, Dave Creek Media
Lycia Ellis, MAS, Walker-Clay
Tiffini Foster, MAS, Custom Needle-Print
Evelyn Grace, MAS Geiger
Tara Hedges, MAS, Geiger
Cachet Hicks, MAS, Geiger
Leonard Jones, MAS, Geiger
Jessica Levy, MAS, Geiger
Clayton Merritt, MAS, Tekweld
Jean Michalski, MAS, Geiger
Jen Pry, MAS, Bizenex
Jodi Schaffer, MAS, Geiger
Amber Sheffer, MAS, JAM Printing & Promotions
Allison Snead, MAS, TK Promotions
Jolanda Thomas, MAS, Preferred Document Solutions