danny-rosinVoting is under way for the PPAI Board of Directors Class of 2021, and the election will run through September 19. During the election, PPB Newslink is taking closer looks at the each of the four candidates to learn more about them and their goals. This issue focuses on Danny Rosin, co-owner of Brand Fuel, Inc. (UPIC: bfuel001).

“PPAI is a vibrant collective and there are strengths in our differences,” says Rosin. “We must incubate ideas, nurture enterprise and uplift rather than deconstruct. Collaboration is our future.”

Rosin is a 26-year industry professional who has served on a number of PPAI committees and presented at the North American Leadership Conference as a featured speaker. He is also a co-founder of PromoKitchen and has served as president of the Carolinas Association of Advertising and Marketing Professionals (CAAMP), his regional association. In his community, Rosin is the co-founder and a volunteer leader of Band Together, an organization that raises over $1 million annually for a different nonprofit through live concert events. Additionally, he has been a speaker at Creative Mornings, leads The Harvard 100 and is a board member for The American Marketing Association, Triangle Chapter. Rosin and his wife have two daughters.

Highlighting the trends  he sees affecting the industry, Rosin has outlined a number of issues that he would like to see PPAI focus on. These include:

  • Responding to an aging workforce and connecting with younger buyers while also supporting our industry veterans
  • Investing in industry fundamentals like education, lobbying and product safety
  • Progressive learning practices to match sales and marketing techniques to advancing buyer mindsets
  • Updating technology
  • Reaching out to colleges and college students with specific curriculums, recruitment and internships
  • Building bridges with associations, organizations and other stakeholders whose interest overlap the industry’s

The election will be administered electronically by a third-party election administrator and by paper ballot as required, with the results announced in late September. Visit the PPAI voter site at www.ppai.org/election2016 to learn more about the distributor and supplier candidates. PPAI member companies’ designated voters can cast their ballots here. To find out who the voting contact is for your company, the password or other questions, contact Anne Stone at AnneS@ppai.org or 972-258-3041, or Veronica Kelley at VeronicaK@ppai.org or 972-258-3077.