PPAI 100 is an exclusive, research-backed ranking of the 100 leading distributors and the 100 leading suppliers in the promotional products industry. Companies are scored based on a variety of metrics.

While many suppliers have fully embraced the charge to produce products from sustainable materials and reduce factory waste, Numo (PPAI 112597, Gold) has taken the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra to the next level with its new upcycling initiative. Basically, Numo reuses materials like billboards, t-shirts and signage provided by clients to create new products such as tote bags and pouches. The process keeps products out of landfills and gives the materials a new purpose.

PPAI 100 Percentile By Category

2023 Revenue: 
$19.2 million (estimate)
Three-Year Trend: +11%
2023 PPAI 100 Ranking: Not Ranked
High Marks: Industry Faith

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