PPAI 100 is an exclusive, research-backed ranking of the 100 leading distributors and the 100 leading suppliers in the promotional products industry. Companies are scored based on a variety of metrics.

Aviva Wholesale (PPAI 731340, Platinum) is a Houston, Texas-based, family-operated business. Founded in 2000, it manufactures and distributes quality textile goods using 10 plants located domestically and globally.

The company sources products with assistance from partner factories in Pakistan, China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt and elsewhere. It also maintains showrooms in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando and Metairie, Louisiana.

2023 Revenue: $61.4 million (estimate)
Three-Year Trend: +11%
2023 PPAI 100 Ranking: Not Ranked
High Marks: Online Presence



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