The future starts now. For the first time ever, PPAI has unveiled its ranking of the leading suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry through the research-backed, statistically driven PPAI 100.

Click through to see which suppliers and distributors planted their flags on the first annual PPAI 100.

As a nonprofit, member-driven trade association with a mission to be the voice and force the advance the marketplace, PPAI is committed to highlighting the best in the business and in the process shedding a light on the practices that make promo's leading companies so strong. 

Unlike other industry rankings, PPAI 100 considers far more than revenue. While 2022 sales make up the largest share of the scoring matrix, other key factors include revenue growth since 2019 and the industry's faith in each company (SAGE Rating for suppliers, credit rating for distributors). Crucial elements for industry progress, responsibility and innovation are also included. The strength of firms' workforces is taken into account through professional development participation, as is employee happiness, and each company's marketing clout is scored through its online presence.

The program's full findings will be revealed over the course of 2023 as we roll out benchmarking data on how the leaders measure up to business key performance indicators, as well as their technology and corporate social responsibility tactics.

PPAI 100 aims to help businesses of every size understand what they need to do to compete at the highest level and create progress for the branded merchandise medium as a whole. 

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