PPAI 100 is an exclusive, research-backed ranking of the 50 leading distributors and the 50 leading suppliers in the promotional products industry. Companies are scored based on a variety of metrics.

Distributor The Image Group (PPAI 103424, D10), based in Holland, Ohio, has been in business since 1981, and built its reputation serving clients in health care and health-related institutions, as well as the secondary education market and heavy industry and automotive related businesses. Its reach expanded with its 2017 merger with Target Marketing, bringing new technological know-how to the combined firm.
Along with its Ohio headquarters, the company has offices in Richmond, Cleveland and Ann Arbor.

In PPAI 100’s measure, The Image Group’s approach to responsibility earned it high marks. A focus on safety and social compliance has a been a pillar of the organization, one that it has maintained as its grown over the years.

2022 Revenue: $39.4 Million
Three-Year Trend: +14%
High Marks: Innovation, Responsibility, Professional Development, Industry Faith





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