PPAI 100 is an exclusive, research-backed ranking of the 50 leading distributors and the 50 leading suppliers in the promotional products industry. Companies are scored based on a variety of metrics.
Founded in Seattle in 2003, Kotis Design (PPAI 256795, D10) now has expanded production facilities to Ohio and Utah. Referring to themselves as “brand evangelists” the Kotis team also uses its online presence to promote its sustainability measures in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Focusing on the specifics of water reduction, energy savings and green printing, the distributor also makes sustainability part of its company culture, encouraging 72% of its employees to work remotely to reduce emissions, single use plastics and power usage.

The company’s DEI Committee is also constantly evolving in an attempt to foster an inclusive environment within the promo world. “While it may feel comfortable to work with people that look and share similar beliefs as you, there’s so much to learn and gain from those who are different,” says Jeff Becker, CEO of Kotis Design.

2022 Revenue: $56.4 million
Three-Year Growth Rate: +18%
High Marks: Online Presence, Responsibility, Industry Faith




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