A cherry-flavored lip balm fetched $100,000 – yes, you read that right – this week in a fundraiser among House Republicans.

The promo item, branded with a candidate’s name and produced from the pockets of Speaker Kevin McCarthy (and, ahem, already used by him), was purchased, along with a dinner invitation for supporters, by a pledge from Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to the GOP campaign fund. The lip balm itself came from the campaign of first-time Florida Rep. Aaron Bean, who also served as auctioneer.

No word on whether any other campaign promo or other items were up for bid, but hold on to those campaign buttons and bumper stickers – collectors will drop big bucks for certain coveted items, such as buttons from the likes of Washington, Lincoln and Kennedy. In fact, a rare “Give The Key To Kennedy” campaign button sold at auction last year for $13,750. You can also find more common campaign collectibles, mostly pins and posters, for sale on eBay.

The promo industry has tons of options for candidates seeking to build name recognition and get out the vote, and for some collectors, it’s no different than merch from a favorite sports team or band. These items are definitely a little piece of history – maybe your next project promoting a campaign will become a treasured collectible someday, too.