PPAI’s Board of Directors election is entering its final week. Nominees for the Board of Directors are proposed as a slate and confirmed by the membership through an election. The voting member of each company is asked to cast a vote by Tuesday, September 22.

“PPAI has presented a slate of candidates for member approval. Alan Tabasky, Bel Promo, is the supplier candidate and Noah Lapine, Lapine Associates, is the distributor candidate for board service,” says Ira Neaman, MAS, chair of the PPAI board of directors and CEO of supplier Vantage Apparel. “These candidates were selected by the Leadership Advisory Committee, and approved by your elected PPAI board of directors after countless hours of interviews and discussions based on the broad skillsets each candidate possesses and the business acumen PPAI will need to navigate the changing dynamics of the industry during these turbulent times. I strongly encourage each of you to support this slate and vote in favor of both candidates.”

Voting members can follow these three simple steps to cast their vote in the PPAI Board of Directors election:

  1. Go to PPAI’s voter site.
  2. Log in with their unique username and password.
  3. Vote to approve the slate by voting yes, no or abstain for the one supplier and one distributor on the ballot and submit their vote.

To learn more about the nominees, visit click here.

Last week, in the PPAI PromoTalks podcast, "PPB Presents: Meet The PPAI Board Candidates," Paul Bellantone, CAE, president and CEO of PPAI, and Ira Neaman led a a conversation with the 2020 board candidates. Tune in to listen to this insightful 46-minute discussion available free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The podcast is also available as a video. For more episodes of PromoTalks, click here.