The 2017 PPAI North American Leadership Conference (NALC) is bringing industry leaders from across the country together in Austin, Texas, for a high-powered speaker lineup. Running August 13-15 at the Four Seasons Hotel, the three-day event offers attendees opportunities to connect with and learn from innovators and thought leaders drawn from a variety of fields and backgrounds.

As part of its distinguished speaker lineup, NALC welcomes business strategist and author Seth Kahan to share his perspectives on developing strategic foresight within a business. Kahan’s session, part of NALC’s first full day of education programming, looks at how organizations proactively prepare for the future and position themselves for success. Part of this is in the development of what Kahan describes as a strategic foresight framework to gather and assess emerging trends for competitive advantage. This framework includes building a “brain trust,” properly scoping the effort to benefit a business, activities that collect relevant information, and processes for both analyzing and applying information gained.

The session aims to impart to audience members practical tactics for generating insight into influential business trends, projecting how they might affect their organization, and leveraging trends to position their organization for a favorable or superior business position in tomorrow’s market, both in the short and medium term.

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