Research shows that mobile video has grown into an effective tool for advertisers. A study by Opera Mediaworks and comScore found that purpose-built, native video ads performed better and outpaced comScore mobile norms across key upper and lower funnel brand metrics.

“Based on the findings, auto-playing video specifically created for native, in-feed environments can have a major impact on results like purchase intent and likelihood to recommend,” says Nikao Yang, senior vice president for global marketing and business development at Opera Mediaworks. “While not a substitute for full-screen mobile video ads, native video ads can be a strong complement and a key part of the mobile video marketing mix.”

For the nine campaigns in the study, purpose-built, native video ads that auto-play in the feed drove significant lift at a 90-percent confidence level and outperformed comScore mobile norms across key metrics in both upper- and lower-funnel metrics. Mobile-ad recall delivered a six-point lift overall and consumer perception of the ads as unique was higher by nine points among the exposed group. Among lower-funnel metrics, brands saw a five-point lift for intent to purchase metrics and a five-point lift for likelihood to recommend, while outperforming mobile norms.

“While we know that not all campaigns are created equal, this study highlights that native mobile video campaigns not only work but can be especially effective when following creative best practices,” says Andrew Lipsman, vice president, marketing and insights at comScore. “This fast-emerging ad format shows great promise, but demands a new set of creative skills in order to maximize effectiveness. It’s important for brands to make an impression quickly and engage with the consumer on a more visual level to drive campaign success.”

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