It’s a time-honored tradition to pull pranks on the first day of April, and several food brands served up some gross-out phony baloney this year that had social media buzzing.

In March, Fruity Pebbles launched real rainbow sprinkled sneakers in partnership with LeBron James and Nike. For April Fools’ Day, the sweet cereal brand announced a collaboration with Kraft Mac & Cheese for fruity macaroni and cheese.

Comments on the brands’ joint Instagram post were surprisingly positive, with one user posting. “Nice April fools joke but you should make it my kids would love it.” If this combo makes its way to store shelves, it wouldn’t be the first time a prank became a real product.

Dunkin’ boasted a solid merch game long before the sold-out DunKings gear from its Super Bowl ad, so it’s no surprise that the doughnuts-and-coffee chain would take advantage of April Fools’ Day for another drop. The twist is a “temporary rebrand” to DONUTS’, with a crewneck sweatshirt in beige, white or the brand’s signature hot pink – which sold out within hours.

Perhaps inspired by French’s very real new creamy dill pickle mustard condiment, released in March, plant milk brand Califia Farms paired up with Grillo’s Pickles to announce that the almond-based dill pickle “creamer you didn’t know you needed” would be coming soon. Again, commenters suggested real ways they might use such a product, like as salad dressing or a marinade.

Crazy Cups, a coffee pod retailer known for unusual flavors, quipped that the zesty creamer “would go perfectly with our new chocolate pickled pineapple brew” – a faux flavor posted on its own Instagram page as “A surprising blend of sour and sweet, with a pickle brine undertone, a burst of pineapple zing, and a velvety chocolate body.”

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Other beverages on the April Fools’ Day menu included: