Roger Burnett, founder of Social Good Promotions (PPAI 758284, D3) has sold his interest in the Ohio-based distributor to Kara Keister, MAS. Previously, Keister held the role of Promise Keeper for Social Good Promotions, where she has worked since 2019.

“I am honored to take the helm at Social Good Promotions and continue the impactful work that we, along with our team, have started,” Keister says. “Our young but mighty team plans to build on the foundation of excellence, sustainability and social responsibility to bring even greater value to our clients and the community.”

A Passing Of The Torch

Burnett founded the company to make the world a better place by prioritizing clients “in search of greater meaning for the dollars they spend.”

Keister shared with PPAI Media that she and Burnett coordinated the transition of leadership to continue what Social Good Promotions has always stood for.

“Roger and I were super clear on the direction and purpose of Social Good Promotions as a distributor from the onset,” Keister says. “We always knew what we wanted it to be when it grew up, so we designed it as such. The team we have in place understands the goal and lives the mission every day. So, while you may see a few new tricks up our sleeves, the story of soGOOD will live on as intended.”

Prior to joining Social Good Promotions in 2019, Keister spent nearly 10 years working at City Apparel. Burnett says that the company will be in good hands with her at the helm.

“I am thrilled to pass the torch to Kara, who shares the same passion for promoting social good through business,” Burnett says. “Her expertise and dedication make her the ideal leader to guide Social Good Promotions into its next phase of growth.”

According to Keister, the foundation that Burnett laid at the company means his presence will continue to be felt after his departure.

“Roger’s legacy will live on in the DNA of Social Good Promotions,” Keister says. “He’s been a force for the industry and the reason that we even exist. Whatever he has up his sleeve next will be nothing short of epic, because that’s how Roger rolls.”