Jennie Eberz of multi-line rep Joe Eberz & Associates, a current board member and treasurer of the Ohio Promotional Professionals Association (OPPA) is currently waiting for a liver transplant. With hospital stays and medical bills mounting, her family has asked the promotional products industry for help.

Her Struggle:

Eberz’ father Joe says that two years ago, she started having issues with a fatty liver, and in April of 2022 it turned into cirrhosis of the liver. She is currently waiting for a transplant, which can take six months or longer. During that time, she has made frequent trips to the doctor’s office and has had several long stays at the hospital in an effort to keep her salt and hemoglobin levels balanced and her kidneys functioning.

Eberz joined the promotional products industry in 2014, working with her father’s multi-line rep firm.

  • As a multi-line rep, she has called on distributors and attended trade shows, and has gotten involved in the industry through her work with OPPA and planning industry events.
  • As a self-employed person and reliant on travel and interaction for work, her ailment has brought financial strain, insurance navigation difficulty and career trajectory uncertainty.

A Helping Hand:

Joe Eberz has established a GoFundMe campaign to help her navigate the next several months of expenses as she waits for the transplant. Click here for information on the campaign.

“Throughout all of the struggles that come with being a sales rep in the promotional products industry, and even with her ongoing health issues, she has remained positive and a constant inspiration not only as my daughter, but also as a sister, an aunt, and a wonderful friend,” Joe Eberz says. “Any and all help is welcomed. We truly appreciate all of the support we have gotten from everyone.”