The Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) has been accepted to the ISO Technical Advisory Group (TAG260) on establishing human capital standards worldwide. ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization that has published more than 21,000 standards to ensure quality, safety and efficiency for products, services and systems covering almost every industry.

“The IMA is delighted to join in designing an international standard for human resource management (HRM) that will optimize HR practices and leverage research-driven trends such as the use of well-designed incentive programs to recognize and engage employees,” says IMA President Sean Roark, CPIM, owner of distributor PromoPros/IncentPros.

Twenty-six countries are participating in the effort to “assist organizations in aligning and streamlining their HRM practices,” according to the ISO Technical Committee 260 Strategic Business Plan. The plan also cites changing global workforce demographics as a driving force in ISO’s focus on developing standards. The plan also states, “If these trends continue, the need to nimbly transfer and maintain talent will compel organizations to scale up their workforce practices.”

Roark adds, “Our organization has a long and successful history of providing education and credentialing in the effective use of incentives to increase employee motivation and retention and we look forward to contributing our expertise.”

Anne Jetter, IMA board secretary, will represent the IMA on the ISO TAG260. Jetter says, “The work being done will help large and small businesses to deliver the training, recognition and engagement needed to create a successful workforce.”