HPG (PPAI 110772, Platinum) – ranked the No. 8 supplier in the inaugural PPAI 100 – has released its new sustainability plan and suite of tools.

“This is the start of a new chapter for HPG and we have a lot more progress to make,” says Jing Rong, vice president of supply chain and sustainability at HPG. “HPG intends to make more sustainability improvements across HPG through people, processes and technology in the years ahead. Sustainability isn’t another box to check off, but a commitment to improving the long-term interest of our customers, staff, shareholders, suppliers, communities and planet in everything we do.”

HPG’s online ESG hub is designed to empower its distributors by providing tools, documents, product links and services aligned with its sustainability initiatives.

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HPG has also introduced Goods2Know, a searchable collection of over 890 products featuring sustainable attributes, such as products made in North America and items crafted with natural and recycled materials.

HPG has added a new Goods2Know section on corresponding product pages, detailing applicable sustainable attributes in plain language so distributors can communicate each product’s sustainability features to their clients.

Goods 2 Know from HPG on Vimeo.

“Thanks in no small part to Jing’s dedication, the entire HPG team has done an outstanding job of codifying and embedding HPG’s sustainability plans into our regular business practices,” says HPG CEO Chris Anderson. “I fully appreciate a complete shift will be a marathon, not a sprint; however, I believe we have taken a significant step forward with the host of changes we have revealed today and look forward to meeting the challenges we have set for ourselves in the years ahead.”