Supplier GenForms, a subsidiary of Ennis, Inc., currently located in Anaheim, California, recently announced its intention to relocate manufacturing and customer service operations to the Ennis-owned Block Graphics facility in Sun City, 50 miles away. The move will be completed by the end of February 2018.

GenForms has shared leased space with supplier Alstyle Apparel (PPAI 240853) since Ennis’ acquisition of Alstyle in 2004. “After looking at numerous leasing options and the impact of each of these options on our business, customers and our employees, the best option for all three was to relocate to Sun City,” says PJ Quinlan, general manager of GenForms.

“We anticipate our move to Sun City will have the least amount of impact on our customers and employees. Our employees were notified of the move last week and the expectation is that, except for a few that would have a much longer commute, all employees will be relocating to the new location.”

All phone and fax numbers as well as email addresses will remain the same.