PPB will update this list of members located in the Texas Gulf Coast as new information is received. Add your company update by emailing the information to PPB@ppai.org. This list was last updated at 12:17 pm on 8/31/2017.


Breebb, Inc. (PPAI 620304)—Closed Monday – no further updates received
Hirsch Gift, Inc. (PPAI 221823)—The facility did not incur any flood damage and will be operational on Tuesday with limited staff.
Kati Sportcap (PPAI 113758)—Closed until possibly Wednesday
KTI Networks (PPAI 238818)—Office is currently inaccessible. Orders scheduled for this week were shipped last week to meet deadlines. Phone lines are currently out and access to the internet is limited.
Pepco Poms (PPAI 112684)—Facility closed as the rising Colorado river is cutting off access to the location.
Platform Group Gallery (PPAI 216136)—Open with limited crew. No carrier pickups expected on Tuesday.
Spirit Industries (PPAI 113020)—Open with limited staff, shipping some orders.
TM Works Embroidery—Closed Monday, has reopened
Tiger Hill Houston, Inc. (PPAI 156060)—Closed Monday – no further updates received


Adprint International, Inc.
(PPAI 102921)—Open
Bullpen Marketing (PPAI 201546)— Open. The company's offices did not flood but it had been without power, although staff had access to emails.
PROforma Angelini + Diamond Solutions (PPAI 255948)—Open
PROMOS8, Inc. (PPAI 545761)—Open
PromoPros/IncentPros, Inc. (PPAI 273637)—Closed Monday and Tuesday but has email access
Trademarks Promotional Products, L.P. (PPAI 106743)—Closed Monday and Tuesday, but reopened on Wednesday.