I’ve fought with my siblings over many things – the front seat of a car, remotes and toys. But I’ve never fought over a promotional cereal bowl.

Last week, one woman told The Washington Post that a branded yellow, banana-shaped bowl with a matching spoon always led to a sibling squabble. She says they’d argue over who gets to use the bowl for cereal in the morning. When she got older, she quietly swiped this beloved promo from her childhood home, and she still uses it today.

For this promo bowl, the impressions are bottomless, and for cereal-obsessed consumers, bowls are a standout promotion.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg Opinion, cereal consumption in America saw the biggest month-to-month increase in U.S. history during March 2020. The previous record was set in July 1973 when sales increased by 5.6%. In March 2020, sales exploded by 26.9%.

Cereal is easy to make, relatively inexpensive and it’s a comfort food. A 2016 survey from YouGov found that 90% of people like cereal, and 81% think it's normal to substitute cereal for meals later in the day.

The love for cereal transcends age, gender and income level. Don’t ask your clients if they like cereal. The real question is: Which do you put in first? The cereal or the milk?

Check out these bowl promos that are perfect for cereal.

Enjoy a delicious hot soup or a bowl of cereal with this 12-ounce Merritt Soup Mug. It features a built-in spoon holder to keep the included spoon in sight and away from the counter or cupboard when storing. It’s the perfect bowl for movie nights in or breakfast in bed.

St Regis Group / PPAI 230188, S6 / www.stregiscrystal.com

This stainless-steel vacuum-sealed lunch box container keeps meals hot for four hours or warm for 10 hours with this smart two-in-one food bowl. The copper-lined bowl is constructed of stainless steel and features a plastic lid. The interior bowl features dual silicone vacuum seals. Great for traveling, the office or children's lunches, the lid has a molded handle for easy carrying.

High Caliber Line / PPAI 205801, S10 / www.highcaliberline.com

Take food on-the-go with this No Waste Lunch Set. This 24-ounce bowl is a plentiful serving size for yogurt and fruit, soup, pasta and much more. This compact set of stainless-steel utensils in a silicone carrying case helps things stay clean. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass and wrapped in protective matte silicone, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic takeout containers.

Gemline / PPAI 113948, S11 / www.gemline.com

This 20-ounce speckled campfire bowl is great for snacks, cereal, soup and more. The matching ceramic spoon fit perfectly in the holder. This bowl is designed for us with hot and cold contents. Do not microwave, and do not place in freezer.

alphabroder Prime Line / PPAI 156993, S16 / www.alphabroder.com