UK distributor BTC Group has announced that it is merging with Lewiston, Maine-based distributor Geiger (PPAI 105182). Going forward, the company will operate as Geiger BTC Group in the UK and across Europe. The merger was first announced Monday in a PPB Newslink Breaking News alert.

“Our team is excited to be part of the expanding Geiger global network,” said BTC Group Managing Director Frank Murphy in a statement. “We have known each other for years and have worked together on many projects. Because our companies have similar cultures and each bring unique strengths, this formal joining of companies will enable us to better provide the enhanced services that multinational customers are requiring of their business partners.”

Geiger CEO Gene Geiger, MAS+, added, “This is a watershed opportunity for our firm, merging with the UK’s market leader. We already can see we will learn a great deal from the talented team at BTC Group. Moreover, Geiger BTC will become the launching pad to support our growth in Europe and beyond. This is really a case of one plus one equaling three and more.”

BTC Group is the UK’s largest privately-owned promotional products distributor, and its merger with Geiger is part of a strategy to support the needs of global customers in North America, Europe and around the world. Geiger BTC Group will continue to be led by Murphy as its managing director.

Speaking exclusively to PPB Newslink, Geiger expanded on his company’s relationship with BTC Group and where the combined business will go from here. “We have been in Europe to help our global customers, and in some cases, we have worked with BTC Group to deliver services,” he says. “The difference now that we own the operation is that we can say that this is our base, our footprint and those are our people.”

He adds, “More and more, companies with offices around the world would like to have one partner to work with. They’re looking for a single package of services, from a provider that can support them around the world. With this merger, our sales people have another tool in their toolbox to offer to customers who operate overseas.”

Geiger notes that the merger isn’t just “let’s have an office in London and see how it goes.” And in the short term, the merger isn’t expected to affect operations on either side. However, looking ahead, he expects the two organizations to learn from each other. “For example, we have technology capabilities that they don’t have. I imagine we will look to website design and finding ways to move ecommerce onto a shared platform. Over time we will share services back and forth and benefit each other,” he says.

“In the short term, our goal is to complete the transaction, and in the months ahead, merge the organizations. Our focus will be getting on the same page, learning to work together and making this a successful venture that delivers valuable services to our customers.”

Founded in 1977, the BTC Group has a staff of 55 and is based at Hayes in Middlesex. Geiger operates 16 divisional offices across the U.S. and is affiliated with over 550 independent sales representatives. It is the sole publisher of the world-famous Farmers’ Almanac.