Understanding audiences’ attitudes on various aspects of their lives can inform how marketers reach out to them, and according to a recent Gallup study, Americans are broadly satisfied with many aspects of their lives—some more than others.

Gallup’s survey polled respondents on 10 aspects of their lives. It found that at least 90 percent of U.S. adults describe themselves as “very” or “somewhat” satisfied with their family life, education and how they spend their leisure time, while 76 percent are satisfied with their housing, personal health, community, standard of living, job, household income and the amount of leisure time they have.

Breaking down the poll’s findings to just the “very” satisfied results—the survey’s highest level of satisfaction—family lives (76 percent), housing (62 percent) and communities (61 percent) are the most likely to earn this level of response, while household income (36 percent), the amount of leisure time (42 percent) and standard of living (46 percent) are least likely. Gallup notes that race, age, education, household income, marital status and whether respondents have children younger than 18 all produce notable differences in the highest levels of satisfaction across all of the life attributes studied.

While the survey found that Americans are mostly satisfied, some are more satisfied than others. Of all the major demographic categories—age, race, marital status, etc.—income levels have the greatest effect on satisfaction levels in all 10 life aspects studied. Income produces the biggest gaps in satisfaction in income, standard of living and housing.

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