Trevose, Pennsylvania-based supplier alphabroder | Prime Line has launched its Green Team Initiative, the result of 15 months of development with the ultimate goal of creating an environmental, social and governance corporate platform that will be both meaningful and measurable.

“Sustainable practices are as important today as product safety, fair labor and supply chain safety were 10 years ago,” says Andrea Routzahn, chief merchant for the supplier. “Our industry invests considerable resources to maintain and verify product and supply chain safety and socially-responsible supply chain practices. In 2020, alphabroder | Prime Line allocated additional resources to examine our sustainability protocols and establish a Corporate ‘Green Team’ initiative. The Green Team is a dedicated cross-functional team passionate about all things sustainable.”

The company lists education and awareness as key components of its sustainability efforts. With that in mind, it has created a three-factor method for validating the products in its line with accurate and verifiable global sustainable components, sustainable manufacturing practices and a responsible mindset.

The initiative is now live on and and users can apply search filters such as styles with sustainable materials that contain all or a portion of verified sustainable fibers or materials, styles with sustainable manufacturing that have been validated across a wide range of fabrics and product manufacturing practices validated by globally recognized organizations, and styles with a responsible mindset that are from brands with social and sustainable “give-back” policies directly linked to the products sold in the industry. The site also recognizes products designed specifically to reduce use of disposable products, products designed to be easily recycled and products designed to reduce packaging waste. Additionally, the launch includes enhanced product fabric and features information added to the appropriate product descriptions.