Los Angeles-based distributor BAMKO (PPAI 242148, D11) has undergone a website relaunch and a rebrand of its logo and brand collateral.

The redesigns are meant to better reflect the company that BAMKO has become over the last few years, says head of strategy Joshua White.

Rebranding For An “All Grown Up” Company

In just the last decade, BAMKO’s annual sales have grown from approximately $20 million to more than $300 million today.

BAMKO is “all grown up” compared to where it was a decade ago, according to White, who was recently elected to the PPAI Board of Directors for the term beginning in January of 2023. To reflect that growth, BAMKO has made changes to some of its most important public-facing features.

The redesigned BAMKO.net features new images, case studies and features that will be updated in regular intervals as opposed to requiring another full rebrand in order to keep evolving.

The new logo marks an important shift in aesthetic for a company that focuses on highlighting the logos and brands of its client. Now, the BAMKO logo is a standalone “B” that is stylized as a unique image.

What They’re Saying

“The operation is more polished, sophisticated and sharper,” says White. “BAMKO is all grown up and we felt it was time that our branding reflected the company that our customers actually deal with on a day-to-day basis.”

White also stresses that the rebrand is not about forcing change but rather the aesthetics are simply catching up to a company that has changed and improved over time.

“That evolution and maturation reverberates through every aspect of our business,” White says. “From the types of clients we go after to the complexity of the programs we operate to the way we talk about the power of branded merchandise, everything we do has taken a step up and step forward. We’ve established ourselves as a firm that is uniquely capable of developing elevated merchandise solutions for the world’s most valuable brands.”

Every promo company understands the ramifications of public-facing branding, and according to White, this careful redesign is something that is welcome, if not overdue.

“It’s about time that our branding caught up to the dynamic and innovative company that BAMKO has become,” White says.