Distributor AIA (PPAI 101364, D12) has announced plans to travel to more than 20 cities and meet with owners as part of the Appleton, Wisconsin, company’s AIA On the Road Again initiative. Over the next four months, members of AIA’s Leadership and Owner Success teams will host small-group, socially distanced meetings for its owner community focused on driving business growth. The meetings will feature discussions on regional economic conditions, promotional product purchasing trends and current consumer behaviors. Additionally, AIA’s community will discuss the opportunities and challenges distributors face in the evolving sales environment today.

“While we’ve become very adept at virtual meetings, we are excited to once again leverage in-person engagement as a means of building relationships, solidifying trust and developing strategies for long-term success,” says Joél Bastien, SVP of owner success at AIA. “AIA On the Road Again is one of the many ways AIA delivers a strong owner experience that provides personalized attention and education to help distributors sell with confidence.”

Bastien and her team note that they have prioritized safety as distributors begin to attend group events.

“While some of our owners are ready to meet in small groups in person, AIA On the Road Again will also feature individualized meetings where some of our owners can participate in a one-on-one setting,” says Bastien. “This approach allows us to cater to the comfort level of our owners as we safely resume in-person engagement.”

AIA On the Road Again recently kicked off meetings in Indiana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and Virginia.

“I am thrilled AIA is safely transitioning to in-person regional meetings,” says Andrea Winters, owner of Bibby Promotions. “After everything that happened last year, this meeting was exactly what I needed to get energized for a successful year ahead. We shared great ideas, learned more about all the ways AIA supports its owner community and had the opportunity to strategize and plan for growth as we continue to navigate the impact of the pandemic.”