Category: Supplier
Top executive(s): Jason Emery, vice president
Headquarters: Bolingbrook, Illinois
Founded: 2010
Employees: 20
Benefits/unique perks: Health, vision and dental insurance, paid vacation and sick time, flexible work environment
What employees say: “Having the ability to do what I think is right and being able to see the results and adjust my strategies and tactics have always attracted me to my role. The company is willing to let you grow…. The people are amazing.”

What Toddy Gear VP Jason Emery says: "Since 2020, like many companies, we have introduced many new faces here at Toddy Gear. In many ways, we are working to continue with the team culture we have worked so hard to build over the years. We spend a great deal of time allowing everyone, regardless of their position, the opportunity to experience the roles of each employee so that everyone appreciates the other's impact on the company's performance. Whether it be in the factory or the office, we work hard to eliminate all departmental divisions to enforce camaraderie."